Toshiba recommends Windows 8.


World Class Engineering

Built with remarkable precision and power, the Satellite U920t is the result of Toshiba’s unmatched innovation
and Intel’s genius. A high-performance Ultrabook™ inspired by Intel® that effortlessly transforms into
a portable Tablet, the Satellite U920t is the product of unrivaled engineering.

Gracefully Light

It comes in an ultra-sleek and super-slim 19.9mm profile at only 1.52kg, making it your perfect travelling companion.

in a Second

This 12.5-inch convertible Ultrabook™ takes only one
second to switch from a laptop to a tablet through
its slide-and-tilt hinge design.

Ultimate Convenience

Featuring an auto-rotate display and an illuminated keyboard,
it promises great convenience at any lighting condition.

Equipped with

It has a built-in Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer,
sensors that are essential for experiencing the ultimate in gaming.

Impact Resistant

With its strong Magnesium chassis, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating,
it is the embodiment of durability.


The durable Magnesium casing is complemented by the
HDD password feature in ensuring the safety and security
of your files and documents.

Sustainable Power

Its highly innovative Ambient Light Sensor constantly conserves power, lasting up to 6 hours on just a single charge.

Fusion of

It supports the brilliant Near-Field Communication Technology
that conveniently allows for low-power, short-range
wireless communication.

Fast & Versatile

With its 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor for Ultrabook™, fast boot-up
time and up to 256GB of storage, it guarantees quick access to your files.


It is complete with a full A4-size keyboard and a 5-point
multi-touch panel that make it compatible with a host of
applications and games.